Who Is The Funky Monkey?

Donna South – Chief Monkey

Donna South. Social media junkie, South Sydney Rabbitohs tragic and bona fide Kit-Kat addict.

My passion for all things digital led me to create Funky Monkey Media – I live and breathe social media, and Funky Monkey gives me the opportunity to help others discover how powerful it can be while allowing me to work from the comfort and convenience of my couch. It also helps in justifying to my long-suffering partner the amount of time I spend online instead of, for example, cooking. Or cleaning. Or sleeping. 

Based in Sydney’s beautiful inner-west, I can usually be found with at least one internet-capable device in one hand and some kind of liquid caffeine or chocolate in the other at any given time.

Contact me today – let’s find out what I can do to help your business grow.